Sunday, January 30, 2011

When I'm Upside Down, You're Rightside Up.

I went for a run today, it was the first one since MLK day. It was pretty rough.

To be honest, it's my fault, I'm veryyyy out of shape, and I picked a cold ass morning to start running again. I managed to tough out 2 miles barefoot at plantes before my lungs had had enough. On a lighter note, it was beautiful out there this morning, see, this was the view from my truck.

See, pretty nice right? It's about 40 degrees out right now, which really isn't that cold, I guess I'm just being a weeny, but whatever I'm over it.

I had some weird dreams last night, I had one where Sarah got hurt or something but I was too worried about other things to help her. Now, that isn't like me at all, but I think it serves as a friendly reminder to keep my priorities straight. Maybe those deer from yesterday were telling me this?

Also, Im listening to this record, it's fantastic. I found it over on

check those guys out, they have some good shit on there

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