Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Like Alligators.

Well, It's been a pretty long couple of days here. Yesterday I pretty much spent the whole day at the hospital with my grandma, from about 11:00 to around 7:00 at night, long, long day right there.

I guess it's time for a quick grandma update, She's gonna get a valve replaced in her heart on Monday. We've known this valve has been going out for about 5 years now, but the operation is always pushed back until she gets symptoms, which obviously started on Thursday morning.

So anyway, yesterday my mom called me at school and says "you better get down here, grandmas going into surgery", so I didn't know it wasn't a big deal so I got right on that. I went down and told Sarah what was going on, left school and hopped in the truck. I was hurrying right along, probably goin about 80 down the freeway when my mom calls and says surgery isn't for a few hours, well, thats good to know I guess. I figured since I was already pracically there there was no reason to go back to school so I embarked on 8 hours of hospital...

wellll, me and my pops went to Quizno's (!!!!!!) then went down to the apple store cause he wants a new iPod or something. Anyway, while we were there some kid grabbed an ipad and ran out with it! crazy shit happens in Spo-town I guess haha.

Today my beautiful lady-friend Sarah was singing in "solo&ensemble" at East Valley. I was planning to run this morning, but I kinda over slept, getting up at like 8:45, and needing to be at EV at 9:40 so I didn't really have time. Anyways, she did really, really good! I was pretty much impressed, then we got some Wendy's goin for lunch, that was good i s'pose.

Went and saw grandma again, then on my way home I saw 2 deer running together alongside me. Deer are beautiful creatures, and I feel truly blessed to see the 2 of them in unison, I think they were trying to tell me something, I'm not sure about what yet though.

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