Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breaking Rocks. Growing Trees.

I just had a good, long conversation with someone very special. I'm not gonna tell you what we talked about, but it got me a-thinkin'.

As a species, human beings have gotten farther and farther from the truth with every passing day. The western way of thought is just so, so... WRONG. It couldn't be farther from the truth, attempting to pass everything off in this world as our own creation and accomplishment.

It's not that I'm against "understanding" how things work on the Earth, it's just that our planet wasn't desinged by humans, and if truth were told wasn't designed for humans exclusively either. I'm liable to lose ya here, but "Nature", which in my opinion is simply the voice of the Great Creator as we've lost our own ability to communicate directly with him. Animals and the Earth have so many things to tell yet we shut them out, treating our brothers and sisters as lesser beings.

Our dreams are our animal friends talking to us in a language we understand I think. The elk doesn't speak English, he doesn't need too, he still has wisdom to share. We just have to let ourselves listen.

I'm not changing anyones mind here, I just wish that people would listen to the natural lessons waiting to be taught.

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  1. I can half agree with you. Humans do believe they are above everything else, and they believe they alone can make a significant difference. What does the truth actually mean? To humans, the truth is simply an answer to a question, and believe it's real.

    Obviously, the world wasn't created exclusivly for humans. we also can't dismiss that this is the ideal conditions for humans, but also for everything else living presently.