Thursday, January 27, 2011

una dia en paradiso.

Today was pretty up and down. It was a solid 50/50, hace-hace kinda day yadadamean?

0500- My mom wakes me up, we have to go to the hospital to meet my grandma. Shit. She had been having some chest pressure along with an undulating blood pressure and some arhythmias. We've known she's had some goofy valve issues for a while now, but it's never been a problem before.

0700- We now know she's gonna be ok. Good. Her E.R. roommate is batshit crazy. Naturally. I was about ready to go over and straighten this guy out, he was talkin to himself, playing with papers and stuff. The guy was even ripping up his sheets for some time... fortunately after about 45 minutes of watching out the corner of my eye his nurse shows up with some meds. That finally calmed his ass down.

1030- I'm at school, ready to take my math final. This was no big deal, I was happy to be there since I wouldn't have to make that up later. I roll in about 25 minutes late for class. Mr. Marlow understands. I take the test, it's easy, I'm in geometry, which is embarrassing but at least it's not hard right?

1100- I go talk to my girl Mrs. Delcour, I missed her class but told her my awesome story. I went out and got my final for her class from the truck, then I turned it in. Nice, civics is done for me. Also, I parked in the bus lane, I don't think I coulda cared less about it.

1200-ish- Me and Sarah go to the track meeting. Mr. Kuhl tells us about his life for a while, we leave, no big deal. But Mrs. Bailey isn't that good at spelling names I guess.

1300/1400- Sarah and I go down and visit Grandma in the hospital. Sarah and Grandma know each other pretty good and I think it was good for the both of them.

1430- Me and Sarah went to Quizno's for lunch. Now lemme tell ya, I fuckin loooovvveee Quizno's, that made my day right there. Anyways, we eat there and sit and talk for a while, then I take her home, she had some singing practicing to do or something. I love that girl.

That's the end of anything you might care about today.

I saw a raven in the parking lot, ravens are good animals, they tell of good fortune to come. This I welcome with open arms, I'm ready for it.

Music. Let's talk about it.
I've been into a few different bands lately, but I dunno how to classify them, kind of rock-ish but acoustic with some definite country influences.

lemme know whatcha think.

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