Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Gassed

Well, I just got done running, I think I ran 2.5-3 miles in about 25 minutes, give or take. probably more like 2.5 in 28 or something terrible.

Whatever. I feel really good right now, out on the run my shins were hurting a little bit, but nothing too bad, I think once I get back into the swing of things I'll get the kinks ironed out. Track starts in exactly 7 days, I haven't run hardly at all over winter. It's ok. I'm doing track this year because I think some of the younger kids in the distance corner kinda need me, aaaand more importantly, because Sarah is doing it. Even though I think part of why she's doing it is because I'm doing it haha. This year in track I'm endeavoring to just have fun with it, I'm not gonna work thaaat hard, just hard enough not to embarrass anybody.

I haven't been able to read Moby Dick for the past few days, my grandma's house has some mold in it or something and helping take care of her has been messing up my eyes pretty bad, like pink eye kinda symptoms, but not pink eye... pretty lame. I was gonna try and read last night but as soon as I had the book open I had to put it down. Lame.

Uh... after Moby Dick I have a whole list of things to read on my shelf. I think the first one I'm going to tackle is Bambi. Yep, Bambi. I have an ooold copy of it, given to "Leroy", christmas of '44. It's an awesome book, I don't really know the story too good and I'm sure the Disney version is bogus anyway, so I'm pretty pumped.

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