Saturday, April 16, 2011

Me Gusta Los Pajaros.

So it's been a productive week. Track meet on Thursday with EV and Cheney went really good, i p.r.-ed in the 800 with a 2:14, so ive been pretty stoked about that and then today at freeman i ran a 2:16 with a lot of wind and earned a ribbon, so track has been going good.

But more importantly, I've realized you just gotta go get em sometimes, like,on Thursday I caught up with a kid from Cheney but wasnt really sure if I should pass him or not, lo and behold he slows way down out of nowhere and kinda messed me up, taking off from this, today me and kody went around a kid from... somewhere? haha and anyway, he ended up passing me up again in the last 100 meters but I'm still pretty proud of myself for sackin up and competing like that. In the future I'm not gonna be shy from just charging by people and running my race how I want, even if they come back in the end I won't have any "what if" situation.

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